Graduate Students

Graduate supervision:

• Currently supervising 7 PhD and 7 MA students
• Served on over 20 MA and PhD graduate committees as a committee member.

As committee chair:

Jessica Foster MA May 2015
‘Acquiring a taste for the local: examining consumer-producer perspectives on what constitutes the ‘local’ in locally grown food at farmers’ markets in north-central West Virginia’

Andrew Kaufman MA Dec 2014
‘Shedding light on GIS: a 3D immersive approach to urban lightscape integration into GIS’

Ben Haas MA May 2013
‘In pursuit of kinetic navigation of spaces and objects in an immersive 3D world’

Susan J. Bergeron PhD Oct 2011
‘Engaging the virtual landscape: toward an experiential approach to place analysis through a spatial experience engine’

Michael Ferber PhD May 2010
‘A leap of faith: Scale, critical realism and emergence in geography of religion’

Xuan Shi PhD August 2007
‘The dynamic integration of distributed GIS through Semantic Web Services’

Paddington Hodza PhD August 2007
‘Designing and developing a GIS-supported immersive visualization system for soil resource mapping’

Ram Alagan PhD May 2007
‘Participatory GIS approaches to Environmental Impact Assessment: a case study of the Appalachian Corridor H Transportation Project’

Susan J. Bergeron MA December 2004
‘Toward a phenomenological approach to prehistorical cultural landscape analysis: The Marietta Mounds Internet GIS’

Laura La Kose MA Aug 2004
‘Viewing landscapes through GIS: The Higuchi viewshed approach’

Janette Bennett MA May 2003
‘Conceptual and application issues in the implementation of object-oriented GIS’

Qingyun Sun MA December 2002
‘Exploring the linkage between water quality and land cover: Deckers Creek 1974-1999’

Sewelo S. Keleagetse MA December 2001
‘Exploring the linkage of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a case study of the West Run Expressway, Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia’

Nalishebo Kaunda MA December 2001
‘Exploring Object-Oriented GIS for watershed resource management’

Jacquie Snyder MS August 2001
‘Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Hazard modeling in Indonesia using GIS’

Deborah A. Carpenter MA May 2001
‘Testing the River Continuum Concept: exploring ecological processes in the Wheeling Creek watershed’

L. Jesse. Rouse MA December 2000
‘Data Points or Cultural Entities: a GIS-based archaeological predictive model in a post-positivist framework’

Jessica L. Spicer MA August 2000
‘Grassroots organizations and GIS: assessing the role of geographical information and GIS in grassroots watershed organizations in West Virginia’

Hope M. Childers MA August 2000
‘Scale, ecological fallacy, and the River Continuum Concept’

Atsuko Maruono MA May 2000
‘The correctional-commercial complex: an examination of privatization of the US prison system’

Jeff Hansbarger MA May 2000
‘Mountaintop removal mining: an environmental impact assessment (EIA) scoping exercise and impact assessment of mining activities on aquatic resources’

Thomas Ritz MA May 2000
‘Toward improving the paper map: exploring and implementing digital and virtual campus maps for West Virginia University’

David Bartlett MA May 2000
‘Exploring South Park, Morgantown, West Virginia: accessing historico-geographical material through the Internet’

Frank Martin MA May 2000
‘Protecting the Florida Keys: an Internet GIS/IMS strategy for benthic habitat management’

Wendy Geary MA Sep 1999
‘No matter where you go, there you are’ but how do we find you? Location determination technologies for cellular Enhanced 9-1-1 service’

Binfei Chen MA Dec 1998
‘Semi-automated modeling approaches to route selection in GIS’

Joseph M. Mazgaj MA Sep 1997
‘The urban historical geography of Morgantown, WV, 1880-1920: a multimedia perspective’

David Favis-Mortlock Ph.D. Oct 1994
‘Use and abuse of the EPIC soil erosion model’
University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Brooks E. Kelley MA Aug 1993
‘Information as power: questioning fact, objectivity, and values in pursuit of GIS solutions to spatial decision-making’

John P. Robinson MA Feb 1993
‘Factors influencing the adoption of Geographic Information Systems for planning in West Virginia’