About Me

My research bridges the fields of low-temperature stable Isotope geochemistry, environmental hydrogeochemistry, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, ecology, and energy. I utilize isotopic, geochemical and biomarker proxies to understand biogeochemical cycling of C, N, O,  S and H in modern and ancient environments. Results from our recent “Energy-Water- Environment” nexus related research projects clearly demonstrate the applicability of geochemical  and isotopic approaches to advance the development of unconventional energy resources, and address the environmental issues stemming from this   development. My research group is currently pursuing variety of research topics including but not limited to:

  1. Understanding biogeochemistry and microbial biodiversity in  Black Shales (Funded by NSF-DEB grant )
  2. Assessing environmental impacts of Shale Gas development in the Appalachians (Funded by DOE-NETL, USGS and NSF-EAR grants )
  3. Predicting fluid-rock interactions in Enhanced Geothermal Systems  (Funded by DOE-EERE   and NSF-EAR grants )
  4. Understanding CO2-water-rock interactions in geologic CO2 Sequestration Systems (Funded by DOE-NETL and NSF-EAR grants)


  • Links to recent press  articles on our group’s research:





  • Dr. Wei Zhang joined our research group as a visiting postdoctoral researcher
  • Dr. Ajay Warrier is our Isotope Laboratory Manager
  • MS and PhD. positions available to work on different ongoing research projects contact me if interested