About Me

My research bridges the fields of stable Isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry, hydrogeochemistry, and energy.  My ongoing research seeks to answer fundamental research questions related to  1)  cycling of C/N/O/S/H in modern and ancient environments, 2) characterizing physico-biogeochemical interactions occurring in deep subsurface systems in response to anthropogenic perturbations, and 3) tracing transport of fluids, gas, and contaminants in subsurface and surface hydrologic systems . We accomplish this by utilizing different isotopic,  geochemical, biomarker, spectroscopic and mineralogic proxies.  My lab group is currently engaged in several collaborative federally funded research projects that address a wide variety of issues related to the “Energy-Environment” nexus  that include but are not limited to:
  1. Developing models for the physicochemical transformation of organic matter using chemical, experimental and computational data (Funded by NSF and DOE-NETL grants)
  2. Understanding biogeochemistry and microbial biodiversity in  Black Shales (Funded by NSF-DEB grant )
  3. Assessing environmental impacts of Shale Gas development  (Funded by DOE-NETL, USGS and NSF-EAR grants )
  4. Understanding CO2-water-rock interactions in geologic CO2 Sequestration Systems (Funded by DOE-NETL and NSF-EAR grants)
  5. Predicting fluid-rock interactions in Enhanced Geothermal Systems  (Funded by DOE-EERE   and NSF-EAR grants )


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  • MS and PhD. positions available to work on different ongoing research projects contact me if interested