Spring 2009

Recommended Web Sites

Europe (general) News Physical Environment Population
European Union Economic Kosovo/The Balkans Slovakia


General European Sites

European Community Studies Association

European Union

Global Studies: Europe (Dushkin publisher's web site for European book)

Global Studies: Russia, the Eurasian Republics and Central/Eastern Europe (Dushkin publisher's web site)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

US Department of State - Bureau of European Affairs


News Sources

BBC World Service

France 24 - (Global issues in French, English and Arabic)

New York Times - Europe

The Economist

Christian Science Monitor

CNN European edition



Physical Geography and the Environment

European weather

European Climate Change

European Environmental Agency

European Union - Environmental Commission

United Nations Environmental Program - Europe

Volcanoes in Europe


Population Geography and Immigration

EU population trends

Immigration - CNN Special site

Schengen Agreement Background

BBC on Danish cartoon

Muslims in Europe - BBC

Immigration Europe -

European Union and Global Issues

European Union

EU Delegation in the US

European Union position on WTO

World Trade Organization home page

Other WTO information


Economic Geography

Common Agricultural Policy

Reform of the CAP

The Chunnel


Cultural Geography

Chartres Cathedral


Kosovo and the Balkans

Balkans Special Report (Washington Post)

Institute for Global Communications Kosova Page

Women for Women Relief Organization in the Balkans

Kosova Press

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Bosnia Home Page

Economic Reconstruction and Development in SE Europe

Serbia Ministry of Information



Slovakian History

Human Rights