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Geology 284 - Mineralogy - Fall 2015

Dr. Helen M. Lang

Professor: Dr. Helen M. Lang
Office: 249 Brooks Hall

Class Web-site:  http://pages.geo.wvu.edu/~lang/Geol284/geol284.htm

Office Hours:  10:30-12:30 Monday and Wednesday, or by appointment
e-mail: Helen.Lang@mail.wvu.edu

Graduate Teaching Assistants:

Lynnette Eichenlaub

Office: 236 Brooks Hall
Phone:  (304)-293-5603 leave a message
e-mail: laeichenlaub@mix.wvu.edu

Chris Nicholson

Office: 304 Brooks Hall
Phone:  (304)-293-5603 leave a message
e-mail: rcnicholson@mix.wvu.edu

Text: Mineralogy, 3nd Edition, Dexter Perkins, 2011

Field Trips:
Each student is required to visit the Hillman Hall of Minerals (and the Dinosaur Exhibit!) at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh and fill out a question sheet, at least once during the semester.  We will take department vans on two trips, which will have faculty and GTA support.  The first is on Saturday, September 19, and the second is on Saturday, October 17.  If you cannot make one of these trips, it is possible to complete the assignment on your own.  Ask Dr. Lang for directions to the museum and a question sheet.

Classes meet MWF at 9:30-10:20 in 225 Brooks Hall
Roll will be taken at each class and students will be expected to attend class and be on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late your attendance will not be counted.  Each student is allowed to miss six scheduled classes, no questions asked.  You will lose one percentage point off of your final grade for each absence beyond the six allowed absences.

Academic Integrity
Cell phones should be silenced during class.  During tests and quizzes in lab and in class, all phones must be turned off (not just silenced!)  Absolutely no phones will be allowed on the desks, near or on your person, or visible from your seat.  If you are found with a phone in your vicinity, it will be assumed that you are cheating.  Your phone and your test will be confiscated, and you will be given a zero on the test or quiz.  

You must attend your assigned laboratory section each week in 305 Brooks Hall

Lab 002:  12:30 to 2:20 PM on Tuesday OR
Lab 003:  12:30 to 2:20 on Thursday (this lab is small; change into it if possible) OR
Lab. 004:  2:30 to 4:20 PM on Wednesday OR
Lab. 006:  12:30 to 2:20 on Wednesday


2 Midterms (20% each)  40%
Final Exam 25%
Laboratory 25%
Field Trip Reports, Quizzes and Problems  10%

Educational Goals:

1. To gain an understanding of the chemical classification of minerals and to become familiar with the properties, structures and uses of the common rock-forming minerals.

2. To be able to test for basic physical properties and identify the common rock-forming minerals in hand specimen and with the petrographic microscope.

3. To learn about the chemistry of minerals and the relationship between internal atomic structure and chemistry of minerals.

4. To learn about symmetry of minerals and how the internal structure controls the external form of minerals.

5. To begin to understand how minerals combine to form rocks.

“The West Virginia University community is committed to creating and fostering a positive learning and working environment  based on open communication, mutual respect, and inclusion.

If you are a person with a disability and anticipate needing any type of accommodation in order to participate in this class, please advise me and make appropriate arrangements with the Office of Accessibility Services (293-6700). For more information on West Virginia University's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, please see http://diversity.wvu.edu ."

LECTURE SCHEDULE (with links to PowerPoint presentations)


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