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J. Steven Kite, 9 Feb 2006

The essay: Answer on your own paper

1.  What are the most important roles that water plays in chemical weathering, physical weathering, and slope stability? (25 % of the test grade. Budget no more than 20-25 minutes for this question..  Answers must be legible and limited to 1 page (1 side of a sheet of paper). Nearly half of the basis for grading will be for “communication,” including completeness, accuracy, clarity, writing style, and use of correct grammar.)

2. Definitions (3 pts each)








Cumulic Haplustoll












B horizon






2:1 clay






debris slump




3.  Describe a shield volcano and the process that lead to development of Hawaiian-Type Shield Volcanoes, including magma type and consistency.  (6 pts)
















4. List source area conditions that favor debris flow?  (4 points)










5. What is tectonic denudation’ as described by Bloom (2004, p. 77-78)?  What is the geological outcome of tectonic denudation? (i.e. What would the geology be after tectonic denudation)?  (6 pts)

6. Why is agricultural fertilization of limited benefit in Oxisols? (6 pts)













7. How does the depth and character of weathering vary in relation to latitude (and climate).  Begin your discussion with weathering in the tundra and work through mid-latitude forest, deserts and semi-arid lands and end with the tropics. (Bloom p. 140-141; 6 points)
















8. Describe what you would experience if you were to witness a Plinian eruption of a composite cone?  (5 pts)  What rock would be forming around you? (2 pts)


9.   What makes rutile and zircon unusual among rock-forming minerals in M.L. Jackson’s weathering series. (5 pts)  














10. List Jenny’s 5 factors of soil formation: (5 pts.)








11. Give three examples of open systems.   At least two of these must be geomorphic systems. (6 points)










12. What landscape characteristics would indicate that a fault-block mountain was bounded by a very active tectonic fault?  (6 pts)