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Dr. Thomas W. Kammer

Office Location: Room 243, Brooks Hall
Phone Number: 304-293-9663
Email Address: tkammer@wvu.edu


OFFICE HOURS: I am generally available Monday-Friday except during the times I teach or when I have to be at a meeting. Sometimes I'm at the library. You can just drop by and try and catch me in my office, or you can make an appointment if you don't want to risk missing me.






Geol 103

Earth Through Time

History of the earth and the evolution of life.

Geol 331


What every geologist should know about paleontology.

Geol 404

Geology Field Camp

The capstone experience for geology undergrads.

Geol 632


Advanced course for interpreting paleoecology.

Geol 591

Grad Paleo Class

Andvanced study in quant methods, systematics, phylogenetics, and evolutionary theory; offered on demand.


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Updated: February 24, 2015