West Virginia University

Geology 331, Paleontology, 2015

Dr. Thomas Kammer

Ray Troll


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Career Info




http://www.agiweb.org/workforce/faqs/   Frequently Asked Questions

WVU Geology Job Listings

Geoscience Salaries as of 2013

Fossil Rock Anthem

GSA on Evolution and Creationism

 Paleontology on the Web - check here for some great sites (most links still work)

 Tree of Life web project

Australia: First 4 Billion Years: NOVA


Start of Course Materials

Syllabus, Regular Section

Syllabus, Writing Section

Outside Readings

Foram Evolution Data Set


Start of Test 1 material

Prehistoric Life text readings for Test 1

Jackson readings for Test 1

Adequacy of the Fossil Record - also see your class notes

Crinoids in the Field

Data on Crinoid Diversity

Principles of Historical Geology

Geologic Time Scale

Radiometric Dating Lecture

Radiometric Dating Lecture - Notes

Biodiversity of the Fossil Record

Evolution Lecture

Evolution Lecture - Notes in Word

Evolution Videos from PBS - see videos on Darwin

Mass Extinctions

Mass Extinctions text in Word

Evolution Videos from PBS - see part on Permian-Triassic extinction

 K/T Mass Extinction

Study Guide for Test 1

Test 1 (Thru Mass Extinctions), Friday, September 25

Field Trip is Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015.  10 AM departure, Lot 7 across from Brooks Hall.


Start of Test 2 material


Stratigraphic Guide

PETM: National Geographic Article

PETM: PDF of Class Presentation

Ediacaran Fossils - First Metazoans

Cambrian Explosion: Metazoan Radiation

Evolution Videos from PBS - see part on the Cambrian Explosion and Hox genes


Trace Fossils

Study Guide for Test 2

New Date: Test 2 (Biostrat to Trace Fossils), Monday, October 26


Start of Test 3 material

Evolution Videos from PBS - see parts on Fish and Whale Evolution

Guiness "Evolution" video

"Evolution" of Technology

Fish and Tetrapods

"Your inner fish": Neil Shubin on Colbert Report, 1-15-08

"Your Inner Fish" on PBS


Dinosaur Paleobiology

How to Hatch a Dinosaur

Jack Horner - Building a dinosaur from a chicken


Mammal Evolution


Humans and Hominids

Study Guide for Test 3

Test 3 (Fish thru Humans),Monday, December 14, 3:00 pm


 The Silurian trilobite Comura  A Mesozoic crinoid



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