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Geology 103, Earth Through Time, 2013

Dr. Thomas Kammer

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Fun Videos

Fossil Rock Anthem

Geology - Brad Paisley - 5/10/2014

Earth History in 60 seconds

Darwin Videos shown in class

Your inner fish: Neil Shubin on Colbert Report, 1-15-08

Guiness "Evolution" video

Homer Simpson "evolves"


Learning from the fossil record.


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Careers in Geoscience 





Careers in Petroleum Geology www.aapg.org/careers/index.cfm

Data Information

Geologic Time Scale: a must know for each student

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Timeline for Vertebrate Evolution

Classification of Reptiles and Dinosaurs

T. rex shakes for his lunch

Classification of Mammals

Cool Web Sites

Best Site on Evolution: www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/

West Virginia Fossils www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/www/museum/musefoss.htm

Examples of the kinds of questions on the tests. Not the actual questions, however!

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Test 3

Test 4

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