Links to pages related to Petroleum Geology and the Oil Industry

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Join the local student chapter of AAPG- a good way to acquire useful connections for the future.

Get Ready for Another Oil Shock by Ivanhoe, 1997. An attempt to estimate how long the world's oil reserves will last.

WTRG Economics: A website devoted to analysis of the economics of oil prices. It includes an interesting Oil Price History and Analysis.

Oil & Gas Industry Service Companies: An extensive list of oil industry service company websites.

Top 10 Energy Sites: Compiled by Maguire Energy Institute

Petroleum Learning Center: A primer on petroleum exploration and the oil industry by the Maguire Energy Institute.

Natural Oil and Gas Seeps in California: Nice illustrations of oil seeps, early uses of oil, and petroleum geochemistry by the USGS.

Beyond Oil: The other side of the oil industry: environmental impact and social conflict.

Canada is unlocking petroleum from sand: A NewYork Times story (Jan 2001) about new production from the Alberta oil sands - a huge non-conventional hydrocarbon resource.

The new old economy: Oil, computers and the Reinvention of the Earth: A journalistic account of how computer technology has changed the oil business. Contrast the conclusion of this writer with that of Get Ready for Another Oil Shock (Ivanhoe, 1997). Who is right?

Hunting for Oil: New Precision, Less Pollution, By ANDREW C. REVKIN A New York Times (Feb 2001) article on the environmental impact of petroleum exploration on the North Slope of Alaska.

New Drilling technology, A NYT diagram illustrating how directional drilling permits tapping a wide subsurface area from a small surface drill pad.

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