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Eungul Lee, PhD
Associate Professor of Geography
Dr. Lee is a climatologist that studies on monsoon climates, land and atmosphere interactions, and climatic impacts on agriculture and human health over East and South Asia, West Africa, as well as the U.S.




Yaqian He (Ph.D student, 2013-current) Yaqian’s research focuses on human induced land cover and land use change on climate variability over East Asia. For more details.





A. Rochelle Williams (Masters student, 2016-current) Ellie is a masters student, who is looking at climate change disruption and the best way to communicate that to students and the general public through education



ShobhaShobha Kumari Yadav (Ph.D student, 2017-current) Her research interests are monsoon climate, climate modeling, land use change, water resource and remote sensing. For my PhD research, I would like to focus on land use and land cover change and its impact on southwest monsoon in Tibetan plateau region.



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June 2017



Where we from

From Left, Ellie Williams (Kingwood, West Virginia), Yaqian He (Quzhou, China), Jothiganesh Shanmugasundaram (Tamil Nadu, India), and Eungul Lee (Seoul, Korea)




 The Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!






Woodburn Hall of WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences






Congratulation Dr. Jothi!



August 2015



Lab dinner with Dr. Luo’s family (Visiting postdoctoral scholar from China; right side) @ Lee’s apartment



December 2013



Year-end party with Sunyoung Kim (Visiting PhD student from South Korea; far right) @ Regatta