Research Interests

Our primary research area has focused on the three research themes of monsoon climates, land and atmosphere interactions, and climatic impacts on agriculture, forests, and human health. With our multidisciplinary collaborators we have been contributing to the science and understanding of the three research themes across the globe, including East Asia, South Asia, and West Africa, as well as the United States.

Research Themes

1. Monsoon Climates: Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics and Societal Aspects of Monsoons

: One of the important findings in our previous study of monsoon climatology was that changes in the heat and moisture budgets of the Asian continent and surrounding oceans impact the summer monsoon systems in East Asia and India. Drawing on finding, we extended our monsoon research to the West African monsoon and the North-East Indian monsoon (Indian monsoon during October-December).

     Geography of Monsoons



Physical and Societal Aspects of the North-East Indian Monsoon





Causality of Vegetation to Sahel Monsoon Rainfall




2. Land-Atmosphere Interactions: Biogeophysical and Biogeochemical Processes and Land Use/Land Cover Changes

: Terrestrial ecosystem may directly and indirectly affect the climate system through both biogeophysical and biogeochemical processes, which can be altered by land use and land cover change (LULCC). We have investigated feedback mechanisms in land-atmosphere interactions and examined the effects of LULCC on climate to improve our understanding of how the expansion and intensification of LULCC have affected terrestrial ecosystems and thereby the climate system.



Remote Sensing for LULCC and Climate Studies






Land-Atmosphere Feedback with Heat Waves over the Chickasaw Nation



Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 10.14.02 AM


Nitrogen Limitation in the NCAR CLM4-CN



3. Climatic Impacts on Agriculture, Forests, and Human Health



Thunderstorm Asthma




Climate Change and Pollinator Bees





Climate-Irrigation-Malaria in India




Climatic Impacts on Forests