WVU climatology lab focuses on the following areas: Climate Variability, Monsoon Climate, Land-Atmosphere Interactions, and Climatic Impacts on the Natural and Human Environments. For the details of research, click research

Temples and tanks in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. (a) Nataraja temple and its tank in Chidambaram, and (b) Veeranam Lake in Sethiyathope. Shanmugasundaram et al. (The Anthropocene Review, 2017)
Potential physical processes of the land surface and atmospheric variables associated with the heat waves over the South Central U.S. Lee et al. (JGR-Atmospheres, 2016)
The land use and land cover types of Africa from the MODIS Land Cover Dataset in 2001. The Sahel region is outlined in red. He and Lee (Earth Interactions, 2016)
Time-series of summer precipitation and spring and summer vegetation index (NDVIs) area-averaged over the Sahel region. Lee et al. (Physical Geography, 2015)


– Jothi successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations to Dr. Jothi! (Apr. 13, 2017).

– Jothi’s first paper from PhD thesis published in The Anthropocene Review (Mar. 2017).

– Congratulating Yaqian for the WVU Outstanding Merit Fellowship for 2017-18 (Mar. 2017).

– A paper in Science (Oct. 2016). Links to WVU Today and Science.

– Welcome Ellie for joining WVU Climatology Lab (Aug. 2016).

– Grant awarded: WVU Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (PSCoR) (July 2016).

– Dr. Lee interviewed with ‘The Register-Herald’ on climate change and deadly flooding in WV (Editor’s pick; July 2016) [Link]

– Congratulations Yaqian! First place in the student oral competition at WV GIS conference (May 2016).

– Congratulations to Jothi for defending his PhD proposal (Feb. 2016).

– Congratulations to Yaqian for defending her PhD proposal (Dec. 2015).


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