Spatial Ecosystem Ecology

Department of Geology and Geography

West Virginia University

Lab Director

Brenden Ama Dog (2002-2012), a loyal field assistant.

Brenden McNeil
Assistant Professor in Geography

West Virginia University, Department of Geology and Geography
P.O. Box 6300, 330 Brooks Hall
Morgantown, WV 26506
(304) 293-0384, Office: 149 Brooks, Lab: 161 Brooks


I started at WVU in August 2008, arriving from a postdoc in the FERST lab at the Forest and Wildlife Ecology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I was previously at Syracuse University where I completed a Ph.D. in Geography and worked on an interdisciplinary project examining the effects of acidic deposition (i.e. "acid rain") on ecosystems of the Northeastern U.S. Before that, I skied, rock-climbed, mountain-biked, and somehow managed to get my undergraduate (Environmental Science) and masters degrees (Geographic Information Science) at the University of Denver.

For more academia-related info, please see my CV.

Outside of academia, I've been lucky to have a wide range of jobs in geography and forest ecology. To mention a few, I've been an intern at the city planning department in my hometown of Middletown, Ohio, a retail clerk at a backpacking store in my second hometown of Estes Park, Colorado, a research assistant at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica, and a GIS intern at the Intermountain Regional Office of the National Park Service.

When I'm not playing with data or teaching, I like to wander and play in the global outdoors, drink good beer, and eat tasty local food.  My wife and colleague here at WVU, Karen Culcasi (a political geographer studying the "Middle East") live a steep walk from campus with Ayla and Milo (below), our cat, a jungle of house plants, and Ayla's aquarium of fish.

Milo and Ayla creek stomping in the old growth hemlock forest of Chestnut Ridge, WV: July, 2012
Ayla and Milo



Department of Geology and Geography
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