Spatial Ecosystem Ecology

Department of Geology and Geography

West Virginia University

Welcome to the Spatial Ecosystem Ecology Lab!


The Spatial Ecosystem Ecology lab studies landscape-scale human environment interactions from the perspective of the environment. In particular, we apply spatial analytical tools (e.g. GIS, remote sensing) toward understanding the physiology of forest ecosystems (i.e. the cycling of water and nutrients like carbon and nitrogen). As discovered by many researchers in this field, understanding the ecosystem physiology of even "pristine" forests must explicitly consider the myriad influences of humans (e.g. via climate change, historic forest disturbance, acidic deposition). Consequently, our research starts from the premise that our large impact on this basic functioning of ecosystems implores us to understand and consider how our actions will affect the vital services that we obtain from ecosystems (e.g. drinking water, renewable forest resources, "sinks" for atmospheric CO2). Indeed, it is these "ecosystem services" which sustain our society.



Department of Geology and Geography
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